Gathe Raho

What is Gathe Raho?

University of Iowa's Indian Student Alliance proudly presents its South Asian A'Cappella competition, Gathe Raho. This is an elite competition challenging teams from across the nation to produce creative, unique medleys, blending Hindi songs from a wide array of exhilarating Bollywood music with English songs from classic to trending American pop. 

Gathe Raho is a phenomenal performance of the top selected seven South Asian A'Cappella teams that will competing for a total of $4000 in prize money. 

Grand Prize - $3000

Runner-up - $1000

On March 3rd, 2018 the Indian Student Alliance will host the 10th annual Gathe Raho.

For more information, please contact our Gathe Raho 2018 director: Grace Kim, or at

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Crisp Media Youtube Channel Link 

(Thank you Crisp Media Chicago for 2016-2017 videos!)


For each prospective team, there is a non-refundable $160 application fee. Late registration will require an additional $25 ($185). Details are below. Teams will be required to pay fees online through the link ( and send required ID materials for team members by the application dates. Once accepted, all teams are required to pay an additional $30 per person on the official roster. If these materials are not submitted by the day of the deadlines, they will NOT be accepted. We have detailed ISA regulations that should be reviewed by teams prior to the event.

Registration Link

The Registration link can also be viewed on the Gathe Raho Facebook page


Gathe Raho is highly competitive national South-Asian acapella competition that will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year. The University of Iowa through the Indian Student Alliance host this competition where 7 selected teams from about 20-30 teams. Each team representing a different college institution across the country.  Not only will the winner of Gathe Raho get a $3000 cash prize, but in addition the team will receive an automatic bid to the All-American Awaaz which will be held in Chicago this year. All-American Awaaz is national competition which has 7 bid competitions which include 7 different bid competitions held in 7 different cities including Gathe Raho in Iowa City being the premier midwest bid competition. The winner of the All-American Awaaz competition will be considered the national champion!

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All-American Awaaz Promo Video

This year Gathe Raho will take place on March 3, 2018 in the MacBride Hall Auditorium. Tickets will go on sale in February. To stay updated follow us on social media:

Instagram: @gatheraho
Twitter: @gatheraho
Snapchat: @gatheraho



The Indian Student Alliance's Gathe Raho has also chosen a charity to support for the 2017-2018 year. Twenty percent of the ticket profits will go towards the Indian Development Relief Fund (IDRF). The organization does not discriminate and is located in many areas of India including Northern and Southern areas. IDRF supports many projects, that include providing healthcare in rural areas, towns and cities to those who cannot otherwise afford it. Also, IDRF has supported mobile medical clinics in hard-to-reach villages as well as treatment centers and hospital. These programs also educate people on good health practices like healthcare for pregnant women, immunization, and family planning.

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This year Gathe Raho will be taking place at MacBride Hall Auditorium!

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